There are hundreds of elderly people living in Care Homes or being visited by a Carer at home and many of these lovely people sadly won't receive a visit from family or friends on Christmas Day. Dorsetmums would love to unite the community to ensure as many people as possible have a small gift and card to open on Christmas Day but we need your help!

There will be 2 ways that you can help us do this.  The first will be if you are part of an organisation like the scouts, a toddler group, nursery, school class or even a business then we could match you with a Care Home nearby so you can ensure the correct number of gifts reach them.  The second will be for families who are not part of an organisation as mentioned who will be able to drop a gift off at a location near you which will then be collected and passed to home carers who will have offered to help and deliver near Christmas Day.

I'll be adding a list of gift ideas soon (ie soap, fluffy socks, gloves, puzzle games) and I think it would be a good idea if the corner of the Christmas card envelope (the more homemade the better) could be marked with a F (Female), M (Male) or U (Unisex). Then the little gift can be given to the right person.

Anyhoo, I have a lot to organise but I want to make it a big success so please Contact Us if you are part of an organisation which can donate little gifts or you work in a Care Home.  The is also a Facebook Group with regular updates so please do follow.

More news to come in Autumn!

Love Dorsetmums. xxx