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  1. I'm often amazed at how many times I hear a woman (or man for that matter) comment saying that having a C Section is taking the easy way out!  

    I literally want to scream at them and try to make them understand that major surgery is certainly not easy, although I appreciate pushing a 10cm head out of a noo noo is no walk in the park either!  I tried, believe me I tried but as the midwife said, it was like trying to get a square peg out of a round hole and even after attempting forceps and a vacuum my little man still didn't want to come which is why I then had to have an emergency C Section.

    Second time round with low blood platelets again I was advised that a C Section would be best and it's frightening being taken into theatre with what feels like a million professionals standing around you and no one there to hold your hand.  Having to wake up feeling drowsy and then caring for a tiny human being is NOT easy and then when the drugs wear off it FRICKING hurts!  You're also told not to lift anything or do anything strenuous which is hilarious as things need to be done at home and I doubt many of us have a 1:1 carer on hand to do all these chores for us.  I had dreamt of how my babies delivery would be and watched Mums happily holding their bundles of joy and then skipping out of the maternity unit.  But that wasn't me.

    So to all you Mums out there, however you have delivered your baby, well done!  Surely the most important thing is that they are happy and healthy?  Don't put us with scars down for not being able to do what you managed. 


    Sam baby

  2. Lush have some great Mother’s Day gifts in store and I was lucky enough to be invited to a bloggers meetup at Bournemouth Lush to learn about their products and ethics.
    Lush night 6
    After a short introduction we were invited to taking part in some hands on activities and I started with a demonstration on how to make the Angels on Bareskin Fresh Cleanser which is inspired by an ancient medieval recipe.   The cleanser has ground almonds in for exfoliation and lavender for relaxation but the best bit was trying to get it rolled up like a roulade ready for chopping into slices.
    BeFunky Lush 1

    A little group of us were then shown the current range of Mother’s Day bath bombs with big bright beautiful colours and divine smells.  I loved the Jasmine flower which had a little note of paper in the top ready for a message for that special person.  Actually, I loved this pretty one so much that I bought it for my own Mum.  There were a huge variety of bath bombs on display, with beautiful gold sparkly eggs, colourful butterflies and even one which opened up to reveal a Dinosaur inside!
    BeFunky Lush 2

    I was most excited about making a pink bath bomb which had a pretty flower inside.  The Sex Bomb has the fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage and whilst making one I told the nice lady that I was going to give mine to a good friend who loves Lush and so she very kindly gave me the one she was demonstrating with so that we would both have one.
    Lush night 14

    Everyone was so very welcoming, knowledgeable and kind, and although I didn’t get a chance to receive a hand treatment I still had a great time looking around and sniffing the products which I rarely get to do with the kids in tow.

    All of the products I mentioned plus much more can be found instore or through Lush online. 
    BeFunky Lush 3
    Dorsetmums was invited to Lush with the Bournemouth Bloggers for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.