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  1. Downright Perfect is a wonderful nonprofit organisation that supports families in Dorset and the surrounding areas who have a family member with Down's Syndrome.

    As part of my #40for40 I arranged to go along to their summer fun day with some books and teddies to read to the children in the hope of receiving donations for the organisation. 

    downright perfect day 1

    Luckily for them the sun was shining, everyone was happy and the turnout was really good.  I took a selection of books from home and some that were given to me but one little boy who sat with me for a while had no interest in the stories and simply loved the touch and feel books I had.  When he decided it was time to leave he got up and looked back with a big smile and signed thank you.  That simple gesture made my day.

    Downright Perfect runs a monthly support group where everyone is welcomed.  When possible there will be a therapist present which is incredibility useful to the members if they need advice.  They also offer subsidised therapy for a private therapist of their choice where services are not offered through the NHS.

    Downright Perfect is run by parent volunteers and is completely financed by the fundraising efforts of the group members, families and donations from the community and local businesses.

    If you have a child with Down Syndrome or you know someone who may benefit from this organisation then please find them on Facebook or visit the Website.

    If you would like to support them then please pop along to their Christmas fair which is to be held on 24 November 2018 at St Paul’s Church in Bournemouth.  I’m sure there’s going to be lots of great Christmassy stalls and activities for the children.


  2. We had such a blast at the Dorset County Show, I honestly had no idea how big and family friendly it would be!

    I always tend to hunt out the kids stuff first because they are much happier wandering when they've had a bit of fun and the rides and bouncy castles gave them the chance to burn off some energy before we started exploring.  I knew there were events going on all day in the arenas and our pony loving daughter was in heaven watching the heavy horses and show jumping.

    dorset county show 2018 24

    We spent a good couple of hours looking around and a lovely lady from Litter Free Coast and Sea let the children sit down to make sea creatures with plastercine and we took the chance to grab a much needed coffee.

    The Tractor Ted area was a huge hit with a bouncy slide, diggers, welly wanging and ride ons and while the kids played I found a tent next door which were running bread making demos.  Unfortunately I'd just missed the last one of the day but the baker who was quite possibly THE nicest man I'd ever met decided to give me a quick lesson in bread making while he was putting the finishing touches on his rolls that were just about to go in the oven.  I still have the recipe he gave me and have promised to go back next year to tell him how my attempt at home went.   

    dorset county show 2018 22

    For the rest of the day we meandered around stalls and exhibitions and then the boys went off to look at the tractors and machinery whilst myself and my daughter looked at all the different breeds of farm animals.

    dorset county show 2018 16

    fotor dorset county show animals 2

    There was so much we missed like the camel racing and part of me wishes I'd bought a programme but everyone enjoyed themselves so I didn’t mind too much.  I was disappointed to have not had the chance to go in the food hall, artisan crafts and horticulture marquees but we ran out of time and the kids were falling over their feet with tiredness and the show was just about to close.  

    The event is back on today, 2 September 2018 and I’d thoroughly recommend a visit.  Full details of the show can be found on the Website.