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  1. Role Play World in Bournemouth is now under new ownership and their passion for providing a safe, fun and welcoming venue for young children is clear.  2 lovely local ladies took over the business last year and we went along recently with friends so see what changes had been made.  Booking session times has now been removed so that you can arrive at a time more convenient for you and we all had a lovely hour or so playing with the kiddies and enjoying lunch together.
    Role Play World Review Mar19 5

    Children love to learn through play and there’s certainly enough to keep them occupied.  There is good choice of play areas which included the pirate ship, fire engine, choo choo train, construction zone, play house, baby area and castle.  The latter was most probably our favourite and my daughter spent ages going up the turret and down the slide again and again and again.  There’s also plenty of toys and props in each area plus a large assortment of fancy dress clothes which little Lucy just had to try on.
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    While we were there we ordered hot drinks and lunch for us all.  The kids pick and mix lunches are brilliant with plenty of choice including sandwiches, veggie sticks, yoghurt, cheese, biscuits, crisps, fruit and drinks.  Children can choose 5 of these items and it’s great value at £3.50.*  We ordered one kids hot meal, one cold and a couple of paninis and chips for myself and my friend.  Everything was perfectly cooked and it was great for us to be able to enjoy it even when the children had finished and gone back to playing.  Other food on the menu included soup, sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes and light snacks like crumpets, toast, beans on toast and cake.
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    Good to know…………….

    There is buggy space however it’s not a huge area and it’s probably recommended that you don’t bring it unless you have to.
    Toilet facilities include a lovely baby change area.
    There is plenty of road side parking but please check the signs to see how long you are able to park for as they vary.

    Role Play World may have private sessions or parties booked so it is recommended that you give them a quick call on 01202 989494 before visiting or check out the Facebook page for regular updates.

    For more information including entry and party prices, please visit the Role Play World Website.
    We had such a lovely time with our friends, the time just flew by and we’ll look forward to visiting again soon.
    *Any prices stated above are correct at the time of writing and may change in the future.
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    Dorsetmums was invited to Role Play World for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.
  2. When I grew up, a sleepover meant a couple of silly games and a sleeping bag, but my kids first sleepover was way more exciting!

    On the day of our sleepover I moved my sons furniture around in his bedroom while he was at school and the lovely Teeparty ladies arrived to set up the most amazing tropical themed teepees, beds, duvets, fairy lights and decorations.

    Teeparty sleepover 13

    Little Lucy sat by the bedroom door the whole time not saying a word but even though I said a hundred times not to tell her brother she still managed to spit out the odd clue when we picked him up and I desperately didn’t want her to ruin his surprise.

    I wished I’d filmed him opening his bedroom door because he gasped and then screamed before running in with his sister.  I explained to him that the 3 of us were going to have a sleepover in his bedroom with twinkly lights all around us.  I thought the pair of them would play for 10 minutes or so but they ended up being in there for nearly 2 hours inspecting every single thing.  We had really good fun with the fancy dress prop basket with us all taking it in turns to try and get music out of the blow up instruments. 

    Teeparty sleepover 11

    Teeparty sleepover 1

    They’d already found the polaroid camera and although I did let them have a go I kept their butter fingers away and got some great snaps of us which I’ll treasure.

    Teeparty sleepover 10

    Possibly the most exciting find for them was the midnight snack box and although the Mum in me wanted to hide the goodies I knew one night of no rules wouldn’t hurt and so we agreed one item before dinner and a couple after.  I had planned for us to make homemade pizza and brownies together but they were just having too much fun so I put a frozen pizza in the oven and we eventually settled down to watch Trolls together.

    The children were given cool camping style mugs and hot chocolate stirrers with marshmallows and while they were getting their jammies on I made them a delicious hot chocolate.  Rookie mistake before bed, but I figured they’d crash out, eventually haha.

    Teeparty sleepover 2

    By 7pm both kids were shattered and I honestly thought they'd just settle in their beds and go to sleep.  Silly me!  Little miss is only just 3 and she was up and down, here and there, in and out of the teepees and quite literally bouncing off the walls!  After an hour or so of reading stories, giggles and tired tears she ended up crashing in her own bed and I spent the night sleeping next to her big brother.

    Teeparty sleepover 3

    When Sam woke up in the morning he looked at me and said it was the best night of his life and I agree, it really was a good laugh and so great for me to switch off from the boring stuff and spend some quality time with them both. 

    About Teeparty Sleepover Planners………..

    Michelle and Victoria are 2 local Mums with a huge amount of imagination and passion.  They can provide a magical sleepover for a group of friends or just a family get together like ours.  There's lots of great themes which you can see on their Facebook page or get in touch if you would like them to provide a bespoke package.  For full party package details and bookable extras, please visit the Teeparty Sleepover Planners Website and watch this space for info on their new garden sleepover where friends can spend the night under the stars in a bell tent fully furnished with their own mattresses and bedding, fairy lights, decorations and much more.

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    Dorsetmums was invited to try Teeparty Sleepover Planners for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.