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  1. If you enjoy bowling with the family then I’d definitely recommend a trip to Hollywood Bowl at Tower Park in Poole.  We visited recently with some fellow bloggers and had such a great night chatting and playing with the kids.  
    hollywood bowl 8b

    My son Sam and daughter Lucy spotted the arcade as soon as we went in and ran off to drive cars and shoot zombies while the Mums got to know each other a little. 
    hollywood bowl 5
    The venue is huge with a large diner and bar area plus plenty of bowling lanes.  I was pretty excited to be told we would be in the VIP area which had big red curtains, posh comfy leather seating, tables and old movie memorabilia on the wall.  There’s even a button to press if you need help or would like to order a drink which was great.
    hollywood bowl 6
    We put the kids on one lane and us Mums on the other lane and once the names were punched in we were off.  We put the sides up on the kids lane and some of them used the ramp to help get that big heavy ball towards the skittles.  I felt really sorry for my 6 year old son as he kept only getting 1 or 2 skittles down while his little sister got strike after strike haha.
    hollywood bowl 9
    By the time we were on our last go the kids were all friends and I enjoyed seeing them bond together.  Before finishing our long game we ordered food which was delivered once we were seated in the diner.

    There was plenty to choose from on the Diner Menu with burgers, hot dogs, sharers and salads.  The children had the choice of burgers, hot dog, chicken nuggets, spaghetti bolognese and a tomato and mascarpone pasta dish.  My son went for the chicken nuggets and the staff very kindly swopped his veg for some cucumber and carrot so Lucy could share. 
    fotor hollywood bowl 1

    I went for the Hollywood Burger which was topped with Monterey Jack cheese and streaky bacon.  Everyone enjoyed their dishes and the kids ice creams went down a treat too.  If you’re out for a special occasion and there’s not too many of you then you can reserve the table inside a very cool Mustang!  My son loved it and I’ve promised to take him back for dinner in the car very soon.  
    hollywood bowl 1
    If you’re looking for a night out without the little darlings then you can hit the bar and enjoy one of the many cocktails on offer.  Maybe keep them for after your game of bowling though in case your aim is a bit squiffy.

    The staff at Hollywood Bowl are incredibly accommodating and friendly and I have no doubt that they will do everything they can to ensure you and your party have a great visit.

    Good to know……………

    Colouring in pictures and crayons are on offer in the Diner to keep the children entertained at the tables.

    Baby change facilities and highchairs are available.

    Children’s party packages include a game of bowling, kids meal, mocktail, UV wristband and a framed photo of the party.

    From 27 July to 2 September 2018 Hollywood Bowl will be celebrating a Summer of Fun!  There’s going to be lots of activities, games and prizes to be won, including your chance to win a holiday to Hollywood.  For more details on the Summer of Fun and special offer prices, please visit the Website.
    fotor hollywood bowl 2
    Dorsetmums was invited by Hollywood Bowl for review purposes however all words are my own.
  2. I recently bought a huge bag of home grown rhubarb at a Church fete and I’ve been thinking of delicious things I can make with it.  Firstly I chopped a good few sticks up to freeze for future bakes but I still have lots left and so tonight I thought I would combine the rhubarb with one of my favourites, Eves Pudding and it was scrummy!
    eve and ruby pudding 1

    2 eggs
    120g self raising flour
    120g butter softened
    120g sugar (granulated or caster) plus a little extra for the fruit
    Few drops of vanilla essence
    3 or 4 chunky rhubarb sticks
    2 Pink Lady apples

    I always use the same recipe for my sponge as I do my vanilla cupcakes and start by weighing the eggs and then do the same weight in sugar, flour and butter.  When I got the ingredients out of the cupboard I suddenly realised I’d run out of caster sugar and braved granulated instead which I found worked very well.

    Preheat the oven to 170C (if you have a fan oven and slightly higher if it’s not).  Start by creaming the butter and the sugar until it’s pale and then slowly add the egg.  I always add a little flour each time to stop it curdling and try not to over mix it.  When the egg is all in I added the flour and a splash of milk with the vanilla essence in.  Normally I would have carefully sieved and folded the flour in but I was cooking a stir fry at the same time so I literally bunged it all in and hoped for the best.

    I deliberately made the sponge mix before chopping the fruit so it didn’t brown.  I like my fruit to be a bit chunky so I quickly chopped it up and put it in a 9 inch round cake tin with a sprinkling of sugar on top.  You’ll need to carefully spread the sponge over the top so it doesn’t all mix up and be sure to get it right to the edges so no fruit juice escapes to make the top soggy.

    Now I know not everyone likes their fruit to have a bit of bite and if you don’t you could just give it 5 or 10 mins in the oven before putting the sponge on top. 

    Pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes but keep an eye on it and when you think it’s ready just pop your finger on top and see if the sponge bounces back.  The skewer test will be a tough one as you’ll probably hit the fruit and it won’t come out clean anyway. 

    When I took the pudding out of the oven I made sure to let it rest for a good 15 minutes or so which meant it cut really easily and the hot fruit didn’t strip a layer of skin off the kids mouths.  I served it with a good helping of vanilla ice cream and everyone asked for seconds.  #MumWin
    eve and ruby pudding 2

    As always, I feel I should do some sort of disclaimer and say that I am by no means a professional and can’t be held responsible if you get distracted with Facebook or Love Island and burn the kids pudding.  Also please note that everyone’s oven is different and times will vary.
    Happy baking!!!