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Once upon a time, there was a young girl just days away from her 30th birthday and close to her first mid life crisis.  Deciding that there had to be more to life, she left her job and her man and went back to the house of mum and dad with a car full of boxes and a ginger cat as her only dependant.

7 years on, the parents have custody of the cat and I am the proud owner of a husband, a toddler, a candy apple red kitchenaid and several grey hairs, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Life could not be more different now, one minute I was in hospital with the joys of labour and the next I’m battling in the world of toddlerdom!  In the last few weeks alone I’ve nearly been banned from the Co-Op as my boy makes a dramatic ‘grab and throw’ with a whole box of crème eggs and the day after that he decided his teddy would like to go swimming with the starfish in the Bourenmouth Oceanarium!  Some days I feel like my life is spent protecting him from impending danger as he climbs, fiddles, grabs and forever turns the bathroom taps on.  We’ve had countless items go fishing in the bath and loo including the TV remote, shoes and my beloved jewellery box!

So in my quest of trying to be a good mother I have taken him to a variety of clubs, toddler groups and attractions and found that there is tons to do in Dorset with children and I felt I’d like to share them with all the other families that live around us.

So from here on in, my Blog will hopefully include some funny stories, good ideas and fails (like the Weetabix and Banana Cake I made the other day which I could start selling as house bricks) and info on special offers that I see for attractions or family events.  I am also working on other pages which will include Dorset’s great beaches and pools and everything you need to know to plan a children’s party. 

So please come back now and again and Contact Us if you come across any events or clubs that you think are amazing. 

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