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We visited Monkey World at the weekend to take advantage of the Half Price Dorset Residents offer which is on until the end of January 2016.

Having never visited before I didn’t know what to expect but was completely surprized at how huge and impressive the Park was (65 acres in fact).  Of course the first thing our son Sam spotted was the Play Park and he was in heaven playing there for ages until we managed to persuade him to come with us for a hot drink.

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I’d heard there was a little soft play area in the Café and luckily we managed to grab a table right next to it which was perfect as he could play while we enjoyed a cuppa.  It’s not the largest of soft play areas but it kept plenty of children amused for a loooonnggg time and they especially loved the glass wall which they could look in and watch the monkeys playing next door. 

mw 24

When we finally managed to escape the Café we went to explore the Park and I couldn’t believe how many enclosures there were and how many different types of primates there were to discover and wave at!  You’ll find Woolly Monkeys, Marmosets, Orang-utans, Gibbons, Chimpanzees and Squirrel Monkeys to name but a few.   It was really lovely to see how much space they had and how clean the enclosures were.   Monkey World have done their best to replicate the wild and it was nice to see the Monkeys having fun swinging from tyres and playing on old fire hoses.

mw 36   

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When we were over the other side of the Park the heavens opened and so we had to take cover for some time.  We managed to complete the route we were following and came across another smaller play area and Café plus the entrance to the Woodland walk which I would love to have done if our tummies weren’t rumbling. 

mw 39

So, we headed back to the main Cafe and managed to secure another table near the soft play area so Sam could play while we waited for food.  The menu is adequate and includes baguettes, burgers, hot dogs, jacket potatoes, children’s hot meals and more.  If I could recommend anything it would be to introduce little lunch boxes for the kids and also offer more soft drinks that do not contain sweeteners.  My husband also commented that the coffee wasn’t very nice and after trying some I couldn’t help but agree.  We ordered a jacket potato, hot dog and piri piri baguette and all of it was thoroughly enjoyable and reasonably priced.

By this time we had been there for a few hours and whilst I knew there was a lot we hadn’t seen I could see that Sam was getting really tired and wanting to go home so we again talked him out of the play area with the promise of a trip to the Gift Shop. 

mw 14

Although we didn’t have a chance to explore the whole Park I don’t mind because it has given us a good excuse to return on a summers day and sit on the lawn with a picnic and say hi to all of the other primates we missed.

mw 28


Good to know………………..

It’s very easy to find and well signposted from Wool.  If you are using a Sat Nav then enter the post code BH20 6HH.

Parking is Free.

There is a Sounvenir book on offer in the Gift Shop for *£1 which tells you the story of Monkey World and Jim Cronin, their work abroad, a little about the primates, a guide to the park, feeding times and much more.

If you have little one’s with you then you may wish to take a pushchair as there is a lot of walking (plus of course their handy for the bags ect).  Don’t forget the essential baby wipes too for muddy fingers in the play park.

Within the Cafe you will find a microwave which you can use to heat baby milk and food.

There are several toilets dotted around the Park with Baby Change Facilities.

Should you wish to take a picnic with you then you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to dine as there are plenty of picnic benches around the Park with some of them being undercover just in case the Great British weather lets you down.

Whilst your main reason will probably be to visit the Monkeys the children will have hours of fun playing in the different play areas.  Unfortunately we never had the chance to get to the Great Ape Play Area but this will be our first stop next time.

There are several keeper talks which go on throughout the day and details can be found on the many boards around the Park.

mw 3

Monkey World offer Children’s Party and Wedding packages, details of which can be found on the Website along with opening days/times, admission prices and special events.

mw 37

Thanks Monkey World for a lovely day.  I now know why you have such a huge following and admire everything you do.  Long may you continue the good work.

*Please note - any prices stated are correct at the time of writing. 




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  1. Kara

    I love monkey world in the winter when it's quiet as you get to see all the primates without having to battle the hoards. Looks like they've made some great new additions to the park with soft play. I can never tear mine away from the huge play area at the back when we do visit

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  2. Dorsetmums

    I'm utterly heartbroken to see I have been accused of giving a false review and can assure you all that I visited on a quiet day and always try to take pictures with no other children in it even if it means I'll loiter so no one else is around. As for talking about wedding packages, I always go through a website before publishing a review and take notes of anything I think may be of interest to a follower and nowadays there's lots of us that get married later in life and Mums may not know that there's is an unusual wedding venue on our doorstep. I was certainly not paid to go and have not received anything in return for my visit so I'm terribly sorry you didn't like it Guliana Malavita but I'm really pleased you love Monkey World like we do. :)

    Posted on

  3. Guliana Malavita

    This appears to be a false review. It's clear that there's an element of promotion going on. Talking about wedding packages in a review of a visit with your child seems contrived. Too much talk of facilities and little about the primates. If it's not a fake review, you were lucky to have the place to yourselves as there's not a soul in any of the photographs. Monkey World is a great place, and do fantastic work, but resorting to blatant adverts masquerading as visitor reviews is neither necessary nor honest.

    Posted on

  4. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot

    Great review, I really want to try and get over there in the next few weeks to take advantage of the offer! We took Elliot last year and it was a big hit - especially the inside softplay with the glass window. A monkey jump up against the glass and had a wee and it made Elliot's day haha!!

    Posted on

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