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Four years ago when my son was just a few months old I went on a Baby and Child First Aid Course in Poole.  Luckily I have never needed the skills which I was taught but since my daughter has started weaning I have worried about choking along with all the other normal things Mums worry about and so I recently went on a course with Daisy First Aid.

The instructors Kerry and Danielle have a huge amount of knowledge and experience so you’ll be in good hands.  Kerry is an ex police officer with over 10 years experience in emergency First Aid and Danielle passionately believes that everyone should know these skills.  Both ladies are parents themselves and completely understand the worries and concerns us Mums have which is reassuring.

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Monthly classes are now being held in the Community Room at Tesco Fleetsbridge but if you live in or near Bournemouth/Christchurch then you'll find regular venues near you too.  In a fun and informative couple of hours myself and other parents learnt all about CPR and choking plus many other important topics including bumps and burns, head injuries and the signs for meningitis.  The first topic covered and the one that most parents probably worry about the most was CPR and I loved that we practiced and practised with the dummies so we knew what to do and what level of force we would need to accurately perform the chest compressions.  Since my baby girl has started weaning I have worried about choking and although everyone says they have an excellent gag reflex I still have a near heart attack when I hear her cough.  It worries me that I may one day need these skills but it has given me confidence.  Most parents go on the course for their own children but as mentioned in the class it could be another child at the supermarket or soft play which needs emergency care.

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The class was about 2 and a half hours long which goes by in a flash.  Baby and child dummies are provided so us parents can watch what to do and then practice the skills we are taught.  Kerry made a really good point of repeating the key stages over and over which I found very useful so it would stick in my mind.  We were also given paperwork to refer to and make notes if we wished.

I can thoroughly recommend this class, especially if you are a new Mum.  Kerry and Danielle are very friendly, hugely knowledgeable and highly experienced in First Aid.  The class was very relaxed even though we were dealing with a serious subject and I enjoyed that they encouraged parent participation and questions.  One of the best things about the class is that you can bring your baby along which is very important to new Mums, especially when breastfeeding.

At the end of the classes you will be invited to ask questions and will be offered the chance to buy a book detailing what you’ve learnt and more or you can purchase a First Aid kit which is perfect for the car or changing bag.


Tips and FAQ’s

Daisy First Aid hold classes in venues across East Dorset but they will also come to you if you can get a group of friends together.

Whilst it is great that you can bring your baby along I was very grateful that the kids could stay with Nanny for a few hours.  I am easily distracted with cuddles and giggles and it was nice to be able to fully concentrate and be there to hold another baby so their Mum could practice on the dummies.

For more details on locations and prices please visit the visit Diasy First Aid or see Daisy First Aid Christchurch on Facebook.   If you wish to contact Kerry direct then you can email her on [email protected].


Thank you Kerry and Danielle for a very informative couple of hours.  It petrifies me daily that something serious may happen to my children but knowledge is a wonderful thing and I do feel better for knowing what I should do in an emergency.


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  1. Dorsetmums

    Hi Jodie, if you see this you'll need to contact Daisy First Aid direct to enquire about classes. xxx

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  2. Jodie

    Hi there, would like to book on to a first aid course at tesco fleets bridge. Can you let me know cost of course and when the next class will be running please? Many thanks jodie! Xx

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