Halloween at the Sealife Adventure Park in Weymouth

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The Sealife Adventure Park in Weymouth have lots of Halloween fun going on this week for the 'Spooky Seas' event and we visited to see for ourselves what scary fishies and cackling witches we might find.

We didn’t book the ‘Enchanted Cabin’ which was a silly mistake on my part as the only available time slots were much later in the day.  I was however kindly allowed to go in briefly with my son to have a look around and although he was eager to look in the cauldron he found it all a little too scary and asked to leave before I finished taking some snaps.

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This is the first year that the experience has come to the Sealife Park and what a great job they’ve done.  You really do feel like you’re in a witches lair with a dark and eerie feel, cobwebs, candlesticks flicking and jars upon jars of creepy things needed for making potions.  I watched another group go in and Zelda the Witch did a grand job at making the kids feel welcome whilst playing her part and I really wished I’d been able to watch from the inside (note to self for next year if she comes back).  I’m told that Zelda needs help to make a ghoulish potion and the children assist and watch as their own creations fizz and bubble.  They even get to take their potion away to drink (if they’re brave enough).

Whilst walking around the park keep an eye out for all the pumpkins and especially the one’s with letters on.  You should be given a ‘Spooky Seas’ Pumpkin Hunt when you enter and this is where you can record the letters you see and then once you’ve cracked the creepy code you can receive your ticket for the ‘yucky dip’ and search through the gloop to find a Trick or Treat!

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Our son Sam loves to Sealife Park and thanks to our Annual Passes we have been fortunate enough to visit a few times this year so my son leads the way to all of his favourite places.  Nanny hadn’t seen the ‘New Ideas Zone’ which Sam loves as there’s so much inside for children to touch and interact with.  His favourite part is the amazing ‘Tidal 4D Rockpool experience’ where he is in control of a handheld camera in the water above a starfish, urchin or crab and he can watch the image up on the big screens.  Following on from here we visited the next room ‘Electricity’ with an interactive 3D feature which displays the sparks of static electricity given off by creatures like an electric eel plus there’s a huge eel sculpture on the wall and screens which work in the same way as a Plasma ball when touched.  My favourite part though is ‘Glow’ where you can peek into little tanks and stare at luminescent corals, anemones and teeny weeny little jellyfish who bop around their huge world ever so gracefully.  If I could add anything to this area it would be the big Anglerfish which I once saw on the Blue Planet with huge gnarly teeth and a funny light that dangles on front of their head like a carrot hanging in front of a donkey!  (Daft request, I know). I’ve always had a bit of a fascination about the deep sea.  Did you know that 85% of deep sea animals glow?

fotor sealife new ideas

From here we did our usual trip around as many zones as possible including the obligatory trip to ‘Adventure Island’ which features some free rides and a café if you’re stopping to have a break.

fotor sealife oct

If you are interested in visiting the Sealife Adventure Park ‘Spooky Seas’ event then you’ll need to be quick as it finishes on the 31st of October.  Booking for the ‘Enchanted Cabin’ is highly recommended and full details can be found on SEALIFE Weymouth.

Thanks Sealife Adventure Park for yet another fantastic day out with Nanny and the kids.  I loved seeing all the happy children running around excitedly and I look forward to us coming back again soon.


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