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I recently went on my first '40 for 40' and met the lovely Bliss Champions Sarah and Vicky at Poole Maternity Neonatal Unit.  I was introduced to the some of the staff and the very welcoming Matron who kindly joined us for a picture.

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Both of the Bliss Champions I met can completely understand how the parents feel as their baby boy’s spent time on the ward and through this they can fully empathise with the parents they meet.

Sarah very kindly showed me around and I was desperate to meet some of the special babies.  My feelings saddened slightly when I was taken through to the intensive care unit and walked by what I thought was an empty incubator to look over again and see the tiniest little head poking out from a blanket.  I was lucky enough to have 2 healthy sized babies and before I knew it I felt tears spring to my eyes and forced myself to choke them back so no one would see me cry.  

From there, armed with lots of booklets and leaflets Sarah took me to meet some of the mums on the ward and we had a lovely chat with those whose babies needed special care for all sorts of different reasons.  One of them had given birth to gorgeous twin baby girls in October and their due date wasn’t even until the 22nd of January!

Sarah talked to the parents and offered information and Bliss booklets on all sorts of subjects including nutritional needs of premature babies, practical help, skin to skin contact, travelling home, bereavement and finance.  

I’m so pleased this was my first ’40 for 40’.  Everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly and it was lovely to have an insight into what the charity does for local families. 

Thanks again to Sarah who to took the time to show me around, it was a morning I won’t forget.  Big well done to all the volunteers who give up their time to chat to the parents and hand out leaflets about local services and information and a huge thank you to all of the wonderful staff at the hospital who truly care about each and every tiny little person who comes into the world.

Bliss is a charity for babies born premature or sick.  For anyone who would like to learn more about what Bliss do please visit the website or Facebook page below.

Website: Bliss Charity

Facebook: Bliss Charity


Note to self, don’t make sugary treats in January when everyone is on a diet!  Fingers crossed my homemade almond macaroons were enjoyed by someone at the hospital who doesn’t care about calories. x

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  1. Fiona Elliott

    Thanks Joanne, I'm loving it so far, I've met so many people who are eager to tell me everything they do to help others in the community. x

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  2. Joanne Dewberry

    Great post! Such a super idea. Looks like you had a great time. Olive had a little special care when she was born she had IUGR. She was incredibly lucky so many others aren't. You should feel super proud for helping to raise awareness.

    Posted on

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