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We visited Koh Noi in Lilliput recently which I was very excited about, not just because we were there to review the new ‘Little Kohians’ kids menu but also because we’d been several times before and already knew the Thai tapas food, service and staff were all excellent.  This time of course was no exception.

We’ve always received a warm welcome from the minute we step in the door.  We love the décor, it’s very inviting with Thai inspired murals on the wall and authentic lamps and decoration.  If you go in the evening then the lights are down low and red candles burn bright which makes for a very romantic atmosphere.

koh noi 3

Once seated we were given our menus and I had a good look at my sons to see what dishes were on offer for him.  For £6.95 children will get a starter, main dish and dessert.  The starter was spring rolls and veggies which was wonderfully presented.  He adored the curly cut carrots and even tried the sweet chilli sauce which surprised me although I’m sure he would of actually preferred ketchup if it had been offered (I’m not suggesting it should be haha).  For his main course he asked for the chicken and vegetable noodles which he shared with his baby sister and they both thoroughly enjoyed it. 

koh noi 11b

I’m very predicable when I’m ordering in a restaurant and tend to go for the same things because I know I like them.  They do probably the best satay chicken I’ve ever had and I love tempura vegetables so I ordered them along with the spicy noodles to share with my husband.  With some of the dishes you’ll see a little symbol which means you choose chicken, pork, vegetable or tofu to add to your dish.  Alternatively you can add prawns or beef for a £2 surcharge.  My husband is way more adventurous than me and he’ll eat pretty much anything so he asked the waitress to choose 2 dishes that her and the chef would recommend and according to him they did good.  He would never had ordered dim sum but was pleasantly surprised and the lamb dish he said was out of this world.

koh thai 1

There’s plenty on the menu to choose from, most have familiar names but will be created in a way you’ve probably never had them before (fresher and tastier).  The beauty of a tapas restaurant, especially if there’s a group of you is that you can order a few different things and try something you’d never have ordered otherwise.

Once we’d finished our food our son was offered a variety of ice cream flavours to choose from but went with vanilla which was served with a babyccino.

koh noi 12

Good to know

Koh Noi is situated on Sandbanks road and there’s plenty of free parking on the side roads around, some have restrictions and some don’t so please check before leaving the car.

The children’s menu is great value for money and far from the regular chicken nuggets and chips.  The other main dish options were chicken veggie rice, chicken soya noodles and yellow curry.

koh noi 2

Keep hold of the children’s menu whilst waiting for food to come as there’s puzzles and colouring in on there to keep them amused.

koh noi 7

Koh Noi serves Thai Tapas food but I promise you, it’s not average food, each dish is visually well presented and tastes amazing.  One thing I will sadly not learn though is that the spicy dishes are actually quite spicy and even though I asked the waitress about the spicy noodles (just to check) and she confirmed yes they are very spicy I still went ahead and ordered it.  Delicious but hot, hot, hot!

There’s plenty of junk free drink options for the children including fruit juice.  We also received a bottle of tap water for the table which was perfect for the aforementioned spicy dishes.

There are no baby change facilities so I would recommend taking a foldup changing mat to be used in the toilet if you do need to change your baby.

To read more including restaurant locations, menus and events please visit Koh Thai.


Thank you Koh Noi for a fantastic early dinner treat and as my husband said, it was much better than spag bol night!  We’ll be back with the kids again soon.

koh noi 1

*Please note – We were invited by Koh Thai Tapas to review the children’s menu and all views are my own.  Any prices and details mentioned are correct at the time of writing and may change in the future.

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