Warmwell Snowsports Centre Mini Ringo Review

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Hidden in beautiful woodlands near Dorchester is the Warmwell Snowsports Centre and they have recently launched their new mini ringos which are perfect for little ones.

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We visited so our 4 year old son Sam could try them out and fortunately for us the sun was shining and everyone was in a summery mood.

They currently run 2 sessions during the day however this may increase during holiday periods if the demand is there so it’s worth asking before you book.  The ringo’s are slightly smaller and lighter than average ones which for us was great as not only did I feel they were safer but Sam loved carrying it back up the slope and it saved my back from aching too.

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The mini ringos are used on the nursery slope which is high enough for them to pick up speed but not so high that you’d worry about them.  They are designed for children aged 2 – 7 years which is nice as many activities like this have a minimum age of at least 4.

The children take it in turns to go from the top and it’s recommended you be up there to help.  I started helping Sam but after a few screams of joy down the slope it became clear that Daddy would give him a better shove so we swopped and off he went at lightening speed which he was delighted about! 

The session lasted 30 minutes which went really fast.  He certainly loved every minute and so did the other children that were there on the day.

warmwell ringo 5

Good to know…………………….. 

If you need a drink after then they have some hot or cold drinks for sale inside the cabin.

Take a stroll around the grounds after or take advantage of the park pass which you can buy from the main reception giving you access to the swimming pool, restaurant, roller rink and soft play. 

There’s plenty of other activities to take advantage of at the Snowsports Centre including skiing, snowboarding and swiss bobs.

Price for a 30 minute session on the Mini Ringos is £7.50.*

If you would like more details about opening times and activities please visit Parkdean Warmwell.

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I can thoroughly recommend a trip to Warmwell Snowsports Centre, the staff are very friendly and helpful and the kids will have great fun!

Please note - prices stated are correct at the time of writing in June 2017.

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