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This year I set myself the task of doing 40 nice things for turning 40 and recently took my teething and sad baby girl out to the shops in the hope that a bit of fresh air and a wander might cheer her up.  We went off for lunch in a cafe and an elderly gentleman sat on the table next to us and asked the waiter for a cup of tea and a tea cake.  Whilst we were sitting there I noticed my little Lucy staring at him and as I looked over he gave a great big gappy smile at her which made her face light up and laugh out loud.  Face pulling and giggling went on until the gentleman’s food arrived and although no words were exchanged I had a little heart warming feeling that these 2 strangers had made each others day.  

When I got up to pay at the counter I quietly asked if I could pay for the gentleman’s food and drink and told them to say thank you to him for making my pooly girl smile.


Every year the Country gets involved in ‘Pay it Forward Day’ and I thought I would use the opportunity to do something good for others.  The idea is that everyone does 3 nice things for other people who will then go on to do 3 more nice things thus making the world a better place.

So myself and my son Sam got in the kitchen the night before and made lots of heart shaped lemon biscuits and then when he went to bed I wrapped them in little bags and attached ribbons and the thank you tags he made.  In the morning we took them to school and gave them to his teacher and teaching assistants who praised him for being so kind.

fotor pay it forward

After school we bought a bright beautiful bunch of tulips and Sam gave them to an elderly lady in Wareham and told her to have a lovely day.  Our last good deed for the day was to give Nanny a box of chocolates for being so amazing.

sam flowers

‘Pay it Forward Day’ is held in April every year so why don’t you try and do something nice with the kids next year!

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