Dippy the Diplodocus has arrived in Dorset!

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At the weekend we attended a special event at the Dorset County Museum to meet Dorset’s latest celebrity Dippy the Diplodocus.

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Dippy has been housed at the London Natural History Museum since 1905 so it was about time he got out and about.  I vaguely remember seeing him as a child on a school trip but having him arrive in Dorset on the first leg of his tour is something that excited me and my Dinosaur loving son greatly.

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Dippy has been carefully assembled in the iconic Victorian Hall at the Museum in Dorchester.   The skeleton cast has a whopping 292 bones, measures 21.3 metres in length and over 4 metres in both width and height.  If he was any bigger he’d never have got in!  Dippy was a herbivorous dinosaur from the Jurassic period, living around 150 million years ago.  At that time the Jurassic Coast was actually underwater!

My son Sam has known about his visit for a while now so he was pretty much dragging us through the door and then he just stood there and stared.  He had a gazillion questions for us and luckily the plaques and signs which are dotted around provided answers.  Of course there’s no way an impatient 5 year old can stay still for long so we dashed around while my husband read more facts about Dippy.

We had been told that there were some craft activities for the children so we set off to explore and Sam happily played for ages which meant one of us could sit and relax while the other had a look around this great Museum.

While you are there you have to take a look at the 3D Dippy skull which you can put on your head and you must make sure you go up to the balcony to get the best view.

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The Museum exhibitions are well worth a visit while you are there.  We spent the majority of our time in the Jurassic Coast Gallery looking at fossils and the scary Weymouth Bay Pliosaur skull but there is plenty more to see in other rooms including 2 skeletons which fascinated Sam and Daddy.

fotor dippy museum

Your journey doesn’t have to start or end here as you’ll find a trail of footprints leading from Brewery Square to the Dorset County Museum.  Kids will love finding the fun footprints which have Dinosaur facts on.

dippy footprints

Tickets to see Dippy are free but must be pre booked via the Dorset County Museum Website.  Entrance to the other exhibitions in the Museum can be purchased at the door.

Dippy will leave the Dorset County Museum on the 7th of May 2018 and then he’ll head up north to Birmingham to wow another group of Dinosaur lovers after.

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