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What a BRILLIANT show!  If you enjoy Abba and musicals then Mamma Mia is a definite must see, there’s nothing not to love.

The musical follows the film storyline where Sophie is due to marry the love of her life Sky and invites her 3 possible fathers to the wedding to see if she can discover which one is her real Dad.  The cast are incredibly talented and of course everyone’s voice is pitch perfect however Sophie (Jena Pandya) and Donna (Sara Poyzer) have phenomenal power to their vocals which gave me goose bumps, I could listen to them sing all day long.

The story is easy to follow with the songs being perfectly timed with the scenes, I especially loved when the whole cast were singing and dancing together on stage.

There’s a few slightly raunchy scenes (men with flippers on their feet and shirts off haha) and how do I say this in a professional way, they were blooming hot!  Of course there was also lots of giggles from Donna’s 2 best friends, Tanya (Helen Anker) and Rosie (Nicky Swift).  Both are perfectly cast and brilliant when they all came together to became Donna and the Dynamos.

I really enjoyed every minute of this show, it was so entertaining and I wouldn’t hesitate to see it again.  My mum has always enjoyed listening to Abba music and I looked over a few times to see her toes tapping and her grinning from ear to ear.  When a few people started standing up at the end to clap she was out of her chair like a shot and then the whole audience was up singing and dancing for a last few songs.  The atmosphere at the end was electric and quite emotional for me, we definitely all left the Bournemouth Pavilion on a high. 

A few words from Dorset Nanny after the show………….
‘This show gave me the real Abba experience, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable night.  At the end I wanted to find the replay button so I could do it all again.’

Mamma Mia is on at the Bournemouth Pavilion from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 30th July 2022.  There’s daily evening performances and matinees on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.  For more information and tickets, please visit the Bournemouth Pavilion.

Mamma Mia Musical 2022

Dorsetmums was invited to the Bournemouth Pavilion for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.

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