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The Christmas Lights at Kingston Lacy are truly spectacular and we had the most wonderful night walking the trail and experiencing the magic.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 2022 21

The trail is much bigger than I imagined and the lights begin on the path around to the front of the house where Father Christmas was waiting to cheerily greet everyone.

Carrying on the path we saw huge lit up Christmas trees, colour changing ice spikes and projections on the ground before coming out to the other side of the house.  This was a magical sight to see with hundreds of glowing orbs on the lawn and a huge sparkling tunnel of light which you can walk through.

Be funky Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 1

When we came out the other side we walked past flickering flames and then walked through the most beautiful avenue of small lights on the ground and big colourful illuminations in the trees.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 2022 20

When we reached a couple of fire pits we stood by to warm up and then realised that it was here you could buy enormous square marshmallows to toast over the fire. You had the choice of salted caramel, chocolate or vanilla and each cost £1.60.  Between us we tried all the flavours but personally I think my vanilla one was the best.  Because of the size of it and having to get close to the flame I’d recommend the adults do this and because they are quite big you may need to toast them more than once after nibbling.

Now that we had warmed up a bit we carried on the trail and walked through a cool laser area, past huge red sparkly hearts and gold mushrooms.  From there we walked past the 12 Days of Christmas which was made of wicker and then out onto the path which leads you back to the house.

Be funky Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 2

By this point, watching the glowing orbs and listening to the festive choreographed soundtrack I’ll admit I felt quite emotional.  It was a sight I’d never seen or experienced in my life and one I’ll never forget.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 2022 12

The trail took us about 90 minutes to walk round but we were walking slow and spent some time toasting the marshmallows and warming up.  I’d definitely recommend wearing warm clothing and even thermals if you have them.

Because I knew the kids would get hungry I baked sausage rolls at home and took those and some snacks in my rucksack.  By the time we got back to the beginning though everyone was peckish again so we had a delicious garlic sour dough pizza bread and chips from one truck and the kids had freshly cooked chocolate crepes from another truck.  Hot drinks are also on offer and there is also a coffee truck on the trail selling hot drinks and pastries.

Because the children had been so good they were allowed to go on one ride (£2.50 each) and then we were all ready to go home and get warm again.

Be funky Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 3

The Christmas Lights will be on from 4.30pm – 10pm up until Christmas Eve.  If you are a member of the National Trust then ticket prices are slightly lower for you if you book in advance.

For more information, availability and to book, please visit Kingston Lacy.

Kingston Lacy Christmas Lights 2022 21

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