HE AQUATICS: hydrotherapy, swimming and yoga

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HE AQUATICS: Hydrotherapy - Swimming - Yoga


Helena is an STA qualified coach for baby and pre-school children, beginners and non-swimmers of all ages.  Helena offers child led swimming lessons to develop swimming skills, technique and confidence in the water with an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards being in the water and swimming.

HE AQUATICS swimming lessons are held in a heated pool at the Hotel Collingwood in Bournemouth.

HE AQUATICS_Aqua Sensory (59.4 × 42cm)

SEA HORSES - 0 to 6 months
A perfect introduction to pool environment and swimming classes.  Lay down the foundation for swimming and confidence.  Be supported to build confidence and safety in the water.  Experience magical bonding with your baby, floating, splashing and creating life long memories.

DOLPHINS - 6 months to 1.5 years
Your toddler will love dipping cheeks, blowing bubbles, pushing toys, scooping hands, kicking legs, holding on, turning, gliding and diving.  Discover playful duet and group games using Aqua Sensory, floating on a back under the rainbow or holding the mirror in their hands and miming – smiley face, laughing, blowing kisses.  The class pace is child led, flexible and sensitive to the needs of every child.

OCTOPI - 1.5 to 2.5 years
Be prepared to step back and let your toddler have a great fun and swim more independently.  Children are introduced to the use of floatation aids like back packs and arm band discs for independent swimming.  Let your toddler dive into interactive games with the floatation aids, vibrant toys, poolside and other children.  Songs and repeated actions are used for embedding good swim practices above and under water.

WHALES 2.5 to 5 years
Independent little swimmers enjoy more progressive swimming and water safety skills.  Enjoy learning star, pencil and mushroom floating, jumps, treading water, rocket glides, sea horse races, diving through a tunnel to collect treasure.  The playful swimming journey leads to front and back puddle, breaststroke, dolphin kick, jumping and diving.

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Helena finds intense pleasure in being creative and connecting with people on a profound level in the water.  Clients have gained better flexibility, deeper states of relaxation and an increased contact with their inner self.

Hydrotherapy includes Aquatic Bodywork, Floatation Therapy and Aquatic Contact Improvisation Dance.


The Yoga practice from HE AQUATICS is specifically designed for people who wish to maintain their sporty lifestyle.  This approach is one of the most efficient ways to improve strength, mobility and body awareness.

You will be carefully guided to come into yoga poses and stretches, which will enable you to find a balance of body and mind through breathing.  You can experience different monthly sequences, which use key elements of yoga supplemented by controlled breathing, visualisation techniques and meditation sessions.  Helena instructs students of all abilities from beginners through to experienced users.

For further information on all classes or to get in touch with Helena, please visit HE AQUATICS.

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