Broadstone Recreation Ground in Poole

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Broadstone Recreation Ground in Poole is one of our favourite places to go and after seeing they had a fab new addition to the play area we thought we’d go check it out.

There’s plenty of roads surrounding the Rec but I like to park in the small free to use car park near the bowling green so we can walk across the green and go through the woods.  If you are heading to the park from here and have the car park behind you then you’ll need to walk over to the woodland on the left and follow the pathway for about 5-10 minutes until you can hear children playing.

The play area is within a large space with the original fenced play area which has a climbing frame, slide, big and little swings and swing riders.  Outside of the fenced play area is the new wooden play frame with netting to climb, obstacles, one small slide and one larger.  There’s also a large swinging log which the kids can stand up or sit on and this looked to be the most popular piece of equipment as kids were non stop swinging and having fun.  The area is most shaded which is ideal for summertime and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to grab a bench to relax on while the kids play.



From beyond here you can drop down the hill into another wonderful garden surrounded by trees or head up the hill for more pathways which take you up to a wonderful viewpoint overlooking Poole.  We took in the views and then dropped back down into the direction of the car park and came back out at the field we started in.


As far as facilities go, there’s no café so you’d be wise to take a drinks and snacks.  If there is a toilet within the recreation ground then I haven’t found one yet.

There’s so many pathways to explore and beautiful flowers to see.  We also saw lots of butterflies and birds when we visited and if you are there around later summer time then you’ll be able to go blackberry picking too.

For more information on Broadstone Recreation Ground, please visit BCP Council.

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