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  1. I recently visited The Edge Spa in Bournemouth for my first ever facial and I can’t believe that at nearly 40 I’ve never had one before!

    The building is fairly easy to find and as you go in you’ll see the door to the Spa on the left of the reception.  The Spa itself is clean, warm and inviting plus the staff are very friendly and professional.

    After being welcomed I was asked to complete a little form which only took a minute and then I was led into one of their treatment rooms.  I know I don’t have much experience in the world of beauty but I absolutely adored the smells, chillout music and the little candle burning.  I was asked to take my top and bottoms off and lie on the bed which did have me a little confused but as I lay on the bed and felt it was heated I literally melted and thought I’ll never want to get off!  Of course I had big fluffy towels to cover me up and the therapist left the room so there was no need to be shy.

    I am normally quite a chatterbox but I was very grateful for the silence once my treatment began and although my mind did occasionally wander back to food shopping and the normal list of chores I did manage to relax and once or twice felt myself slipping in and out of consciousness.  

    I had previously wondered what on earth could take an hour when my normal facial routine at home averaged at about 30 seconds but I was pleasantly surprised with all the oils and potions plus the shoulder and head massage was amazing.  The only part I wasn’t as keen on was the facial scrub and that was only because all of the other lotions had been so luscious and smooth but I told myself it was good for my skin and was grateful when it was taken off.  I absolutely loved the warm flannels which were used in between treatments and the head massage literally made me melt.

    At the end of the facial I was given a cold glass of water and told to get up when I was ready.  I had been given a lovely warm towel for my shoulders though and could have easily curled up for a nap but I thought I’d best make a move before the next customer comes.  I did manage to get up eventually and when I looked in the mirror I had to gasp at my unfortunate hair do and advise that if you have a facial you do not make many plans for straight after.  Apart from feeling too relaxed to do anything it had looked like I hadn’t washed my hair in about a year due to the oils being used by the hairline.  I was told not to put any make up on for the rest of the day which I was quite happy to do as my skin felt really tingley and fresh.

    So if you are looking to treat yourself or a friend then I really do recommend The Edge Spa.  The treatment I had was called the Aromatic Facial which used Monu Professional Skincare and cost £40.

    They offer a lot more than just facials and skin treatments including manicures and pedicures, massage and body treatments, waxing and tanning.  I’ve also seen a treatment on their leaflet called ‘Mother to be & new mum treatment’ which sounds amazing and I hope my husband will get the hint when I leave it circled on the kitchen notice board at home.

    Please visit the Edge Spa for a full list of treatments and spa packages. 

    At the end of my reviews I normally have some positive criticism for the owners but I can’t think of even one thing to critisise!  Thanks again to the Edge Spa, you really do have a wonderful little haven with excellent staff and I wish you nothing but success for the future.

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    *Please note, I was invited to review a spa treatment for the purpose of a review however all words are my own.

  2. A while back we were given the opportunity to choose and review a party pack from ‘Party Bags & Supplies’ and as my son’s 3rd birthday was coming up in August I jumped at the chance.

    I had a really good look through their website and was completely stunned by the amount of choice for boys and girls and I’m sure whatever party you were planning you would easily find whatever you needed on here.  Our son loves all sorts of transport vehicles and as soon as I saw the ‘Disney Cars’ pack I knew that had to be the one.  We had already booked a hall and a bouncy castle for the big day and I was really pleased this would be one less thing to worry about.

    The delivery was really fast and I was super excited to open the box and see what was inside.  I was also pleased that everything was packed professionally and none of the items were damaged during transportation.  Included in the box were matching good quality sturdy plates and cups, a huge wipe clean table cloth, good sized napkins and the best part was the party bags which were pre filled with Disney Cars stickers, a rubber, mask and medal.

    Receiving everything all in one go certainly made it easier than shopping around trying to get everything to match.  I loved that the party bags were pre filled and it saved me loads of time not having to shop around for suitable fillers and all I had to do was write the child’s name on the bag.  So I popped the box in the cupboard and forgot about it for a few weeks until the big day.

    I seemed to blink and overnight my son turned 3 and with all the party food prepared we excitedly rushed to the hall for fun with family and friends.  The first thing I did was lay the kids table as I wanted everyone coming in to see it all laid out and it looked really good, especially with the matching table cloth.  The boys absolutely loved it and I had to tell a couple of them that food will be a little while and that they had to play first.

    At the end of the party we handed out the party bags. The only addition to the bag was a slice of cake and a little Disney Cars chocolate which I’d found in a local shop. The boys loved the bags and most of them got the stickers out first and started peeling as they were walking out the door.

    Please do take a look at Party Bags and Supplies online, the choice is huge for children’s parties and special occasions and there are different sets to suit every budget.  You’ll also find balloons and accessories like fancy dress, greeting cards, invitations, decorations, toys and gifts, tableware and much more.

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    *Please note, I was asked to choose a Party Pack to review however all words are my own.