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  1. We had a lovely day out in Dorchester recently and decided to visit Munchkins at lunch time so our little Monkey could have a play while we ate.  Going in the staff were really friendly and there was a lovely atmosphere.  Our boy immediately clocked the Little Tyke car and he was off like a flash!  We luckily managed to grab a table at the top of the steps so we could easily see him playing in the small play area and larger play area in the main cafe. 

    The owners have really thought about the layout very well and have plenty for children to play with including a little cubby hole with some dress up outfits in.  We ordered some food and paid £2 for our son to play which also included a glass of squash.  We were told we could come back and play for free within 7 days which I thought was very good.  The food we ordered was delicious, fresh and great value for money and the cakes looked yummy too. 

    The photo was taken after a good hour of our Monkey steaming around and I think he just finally needed a little rest with his blankie. :)

    DM sam munchkins blog


  2. I was feeling creative before Easter and after making our paper mache rockets I thought we would have a go at making a hot air balloon with a chocolate basket.
    We invited some friends over to play and used PVA and water to stick on the newspaper and white paper layers to make it thick and sturdy before putting on a very messy layer of tissue paper (not easy when you’re hands are sticky).

    DM air balloon blog 1

    We left these to dry for a week and then met again to make the chocolate baskets.  I found some small dishes in the cupboard and after we burst the balloons the kids loved making the basket mix out of shredded wheat and melted chocolate.  We lined the dishes with cling film and put the basket mix in and half way I added the string with a knot in so this could be attached to the balloon after.  They didn’t take long in the fridge to set and then using a nail I put 4 little holes in the bottom of the balloon and thread the string through it plus one more at the top so that the balloon would hang and then we added little chocolate eggs and chicks in the basket. 
    My only problem with our Easter project was that I was so impressed with the results that I didn’t want our little boy to eat it!

    DM air balloons blog 2